How to measure and install a glass splashback

Measuring and installing a feature glass splashback for a hob or range cooker is an easy job. But here are a few tips to ensure everything goes to plan.


The first rule of measuring your splashback is to make sure that all your cupboards, extractor and worktops are in place. The splashback is often the last thing to be installed in the kitchen and it can be tempting to give measurements of where you think the cupboards or extractor will be to save time. This is likely to end in your splashback not fitting correctly so make sure your kitchen installation is complete first.

When glass is cut there is usually a 2mm tolerance on each edge therefore if your splashback is 100cm wide you should make it slightly smaller so 996-998mm if it has to fit between cupboards or upstands. 2mm in total on the total width or height is usually enough tolerance to make sure it fits. If its not fitting between anything just order the size of your cooker width.


Check the wall is flat, free from protruding imperfections and dust free, correct if necessary.

Make sure the glass fits by setting it in place behind your cooker, once you have done this remove the glass and place onto a tressel or flat surface face down making sure the protective pads are still on the face of the glass.

With the glass face down apply around 10-15 table tennis ball size blobs on the back of the glass, ensuring all corners have enough adhesive to level out if the wall is not completely flat. important - Only a low modular neutral cure adhesive can be used on the painted side of the glass. More aggressive adhesives will damage the painted surface.

Now push the glass against the wall and wait 5 minutes for the adhesive to grab, make sure the glass is completely secure before letting go!

ideally leave for 24 hours and then use a silicone sealant to seal the edges, use a washing up liquid and water solution in a spray and spray the sealant before smoothing down with a finger or silicone tool.

Once the silicone is completely dry clean the glass and enjoy!

A copy of our fitting instructions we send out with all of our splashbacks can be found here, or drop us an email at if you have any questions

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