What is a glass splashback and where is it used?

White Glass Splashback with Marble Worktop

The arrival of back painted glass for use as splashbacks was around 15 years ago and was mainly used as an architectural finish for wall cladding in public spaces and high end commercial interiors. Architects later looked at specifying back painted glass for use in residential kitchens. As German style kitchens became more popular glass splashbacks were the go to surface rather than traditional tiles.

Back painted glass is now all around us and has many benefits that we will go into later,. If you visit airports, train stations, shopping centres and the London Underground there hundreds of square metres installed using various finishes such as printed glass, mirrors and sprayed glass to match corporate colours.

What is the purpose of a glass splashback?

Most commonly, glass splashbacks are now in domestic kitchens as an alternative to tiles to create a personalised decorative finish that is easy to clear and maintain.

1) Domisetic Kitchens For Kitchens splashbacks give the opportunity for architects, interior designers or home owner to add any colour into the space. The glass is cut to size with any shapes or socket cut outs made before the glass is toughened. Once the glass is toughened it is sent to the paint shop where the colour is mixed using a special glass resin paint then sprayed onto the back of the glass in a spray booth.

Shopping Centre Back Painted Glass and Mirror Installation at the 02 London

2) Shopping Centres

Shopping centres use glass for creating large coloured areas that are easy to maintain and clean, sometimes way finding signage or branding is added using print too. Most new shopping centres use back painted glass withing their washrooms keeping minimising the risk of bacterial growth behind toilets and basins.

3) Rail As with shopping centres with a high footfall maintenance costs are dramatically reduced when using back painted glass and often incorporate signage withing the painted or printed glass finish.

4) Airports we often find back painted glass at airports using bright colours incorporating directional way finding graphics.

Country Kitchen with Aga Total Control and Antique Mirror Splashback

6) Mirrors The use of mirrors as splashbacks has been an popular recent trend with many finishes now available. As a standard mirror cannot be toughened for use behind a heat source such as a hob the have been many innovations to give mirror finishes for use behind a cooker. This tends to lean towards decorative mirrors such as smoked finished mirror for modern kitchen, antique mirror for classic and some modern kitchens and verre eglomise that is hand made.

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