Is antique mirror glass suitable as a splashback?

6mm Toughened Luna 1 Toughened Antique Mirror Splashback

Ordering an antique mirror splashback can be a bit of a minefield. There are lots of different finishes available, some are purely decorative and some have specific uses such as a splashback for a range cooker or hob.

Over the last few years Adplan have supplied quite a number of different finishes and here are a few tips that will hopefully help some of you who are considering installing these kind of decorative mirrors onto your home or commercial interior.

There are 3 main types of antique mirror finishes, im going to go through each one individually and explain the uses, limitations and things to consider.

6mm float antique Vienna mirror finish behind a kitchen sink

1. Float Antique mirror

Float antique mirror has been around for some time now and is mass produced in sheets around 2400x1200mm and usually comes in 4mm or 6mm. Float antique mirror is manufactured in the similar way most household mirrors. There are several manufacturers of these products and alot seem to come from Italy. The benefit of this type of mirror is the the antique mirror finish is usually the same or at least very similar from batch to batch. Once the mirror has been cut and polished we would foil back to reduce the risk of injury of our installers and clients once installed. If there was to be a breakage the foil holds all of the pieces together. When we cover the back in foil it is classed as a safety glass but is not toughened so we would not recommend this kind of mirror for use behind a heat source such as an Aga, Range cooker or hob. It is though suitable behind sinks or any other areas where the is no direct heat.

6mm Toughened hand Netunno silvered antique mirror

2. Toughened hand silvered antique mirror

Toughened hand silvered mirror is a bespoke finish and is relatively new to the market. This can be manufactured to around 3100mm x 1000mm in size and would usually be finished onto a 6mm glass but there is no reason why it could be not applied to the back of 10mm or possibly thicker. The main benefit of this product is that it is a toughened safety glass, this means that it is suitable for use behind any type of cooker. If there was a breakage during installation or in situ it breaks into small pieces that are far less likely to cause injury. The glass is also extremely tough and will with stand u huge amount of force before it breaks. We do still foil back this product to give an extra level of safety and to hold the pieces together if it was to fail. The limitations of this product are the consistency from batch to batch, this is because of the way its produced. Usually a 6mm panel of glass is cut, polished and toughened then it is hand silvered using a dipping process and different chemical formulations are applied to the back of the glass while its curing creating different distressed mirror effects. The toughening process can cause very slight ripples into the glass. Because of this the mirror is not as flat as a float mirror finish when looking from less than a metre away. Adplan offer different finishes in this product that can be chosen to compliment most kitchen colours and styles. We are also able to produce a smoked or bronze tint to the glass is required.

6mm Toughened, Verre Eglomise Antique mirror splashback

2. Verre Eglomise Toughened hand silvered antique mirror

This is produced in the similar way as the toughened hand silvered antique mirror and has the same benefits and limitations. Rather than a dipping process, 9cm square real silver or gold foils are applied to a chemically treated panel of glass. Each foil is painstakingly applied one by one to create a distressed finish glass. Verre Eglomise can be used to create pictures and patterns and is a skill dating back to the early 18th century.

If you have any more questions i would be happy to share my know;edge and experience in these products gained over the last few years, our email is

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